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Since our induction earlier this year FBAC has made a great impact in the art world with their inaugural event, "Cultural Collateral, A Curated Black Experience" which was a powerful group art exhibition showcasing the works of Black artists from Fairfield, Birmingham, and surrounding areas. There were close to two hundred attendees and nearly $2000.00 worth of artwork sold collectively. The event also served as a charitable effort that benefited the Fairfield High Preparatory School marching band to the tune of $1000.00 donation. More recently, FBAC conducted an Art Supply drive to continue efforts to support the arts in the Fairfield City Schools. A total of 474 items were collected and donated to three elementary schools in the Fairfield City School system.  



Miles / FBAC Partnership:


After the success of our art show FBAC received an exciting opportunity to curate an on-campus Black Art gallery at Miles College. The C.A. Kirkendoll Learning Resource Center will serve as the gallery space for local visual artists to display their work on a rotating basis. The intent of this installation is also to serve as a catalyst of inspiration for students, faculty, citizens of  Fairfield along with guests on campus. This will also provide a method of exposure and representation for emerging and veteran Black artists to showcase and sell their artwork. This first exhibit will be known as "Roots and Renaissance: An African American Journey Through Art," and will be the first Black Art gallery installation curated by the Fairfield Black Art Collective. The exhibit will open in Feb. 2024 and run through the 2024 Spring Semester. Selected works will be displayed in the physical gallery as well as an online gallery hosted on our website throughout the duration of the exhibit.  We are welcoming artists within Fairfield, Birmingham, and surrounding areas to submit original works for consideration to be showcased and sold during this exhibit. 




"Roots and Renaissance" is an artistic expression that delves into the intricate journey of African American heritage, from its deep-seated historical roots to the modern-day renaissance that has transformed the artistic landscape. This is a journey through time to witness the resilience, creativity, power of a people who have faced adversity with grace, strength, and innovation. This exhibition is not just a reflection on the past; it is a call to action for the future. As you walk through this gallery, you will encounter a vibrant array of artistic expressions including paintings, sculpture, photography, and digital art. Each piece will lend a unique perspective to the overall story, shedding light on the struggle for civil rights, the celebration of cultural identity, and the exploration of individual and collective dreams experienced within Black culture. Artists are invited to apply their own interpretation to the overall theme. Representational, conceptual, and abstract ideas based on this theme are also acceptable. Accepted Mediums are watercolor, acrylic, oil, tempera paints, mixed media, collage, photography, digital art, pastels, colored pencil, graphite, ink.

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